Webinar - Auditing SharePoint Permissions and Security

Webinar Description:


So SharePoint won our hearts and our data is now all over its nested sites, lists and folders. Our user base has gradually grown. Permissions have been created and deleted and inheritance broken by us and others. The permission landscape is patchy, neglected and little understood. Our data security is sitting on thin ice.


With all the recent news about data breaches and information leakage outside the corporate firewalls, as IT administrators and security professionals, it is our job to understand


  1. What our users in SharePoint have access to
  2. What areas of our SharePoint site are more sensitive than others.
  3. What permissions have been misassigned.
  4. What permissions have others been assigning? Are we ok with them?
  5. Ultimately we try to answer the question: Do users have access to content they are not supposed to have access to?


Join me in this Webinar to explore and tackle how we ought to audit SharePoint permissions and come up with a coherent ongoing strategy to safeguard your company's data.



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