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Monitor Windows Server Performance and Get Alerts on Critical Thresholds via Email, before its too late.

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What is it?

Tru Performance Monitor is a tool that allows IT server and infrastructure administrators to monitor performance, resources and logs and be notified of critical threshold on Windows Servers prior to the end user noticing, and providing the administrators with enough time to mediate any issues on the server. Monitor can track High CPU usage, High Disk IO (read and write), Low RAM and Disk Space, HTTP responses, Windows Event Logs, and Web Page Performance speed.


Best of all it installs in seconds and can be configured in less than two minutes.

Server Monitoring

CPU Monitor

Windows Event Log Monitoring

DISK I/O Monitor

HTTP Monitor

RAM Monitor

Web Page Speed Monitor

High CPU Alerts

Set a CPU Threhold, Check interval and Check period and the Tru Monitor will alert you once your average CPU over this period has been exceeded.

High DISK IO Alerts

Set Read IO and Write IO and the check period and the Tru Monitor will alert you via email when your average IO on any drive on your system exceeds the defined threshold.

High RAM Alerts

Defined your minimum low RAM threshold and if your servers RAM falls below that, Tru Monitor will notify you.

Low Disk Space Alerts

Tru Monitor will notify you when your free disk space falls below your defined threshold.

HTTP Monitor

Monitor important websites and http services  internally and externally for the expected HTTP response (often 200 OK). This also supports websites with NTLM and Windows Authentication. You will be notified of any responses outside of your expected response.



Web Page Performance Monitor

Monitor website speeds to ensure healthy performance on the server and constantly ensure excellent user experience. Set a threshold of 3 seconds for example and if your site takes longer to load you will be notified.

Windows Event Log Monitoring

Monitor important events in your Windows Event log / Event Viewer and be notified in real-time. You can create a custom filter that notifies you of only events, IDs, applications, services, descriptions that you want to monitor.

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