Tru SharePoint Slider FAQ


How does the SharePoint slider work?


PortalFront SharePoint Slider is a client side script that uses html, SharePoint client object model, css and SharePoint list to render content in a professional and attractive presentation.


What is the difference between this slider and other SharePoint sliders?


This slider uses as a base the anythingSlider for SharePoint which is commonly found on the Internet. However, we saw a big gap between that slider and what our vision was, so we took it to the next level. We added thumbs, filters, enhanced look, automatic adjusting behavior, summary area of sliders, dedicated images for slides, auto-sizing features and various formats. We really hope you enjoy it.


What is the difference between the Free and Premium version?


The Premium version offers all the rich features such as thumbs, filtering, auto sizing, etc. The free version is just intended for demo and evaluation purposes.


Do you do customizations?


Yes, we are more than happy do fine tune and customize aspects of the slider. Contact us and let us know what you need.


Is there any documentation that comes with the download?


Yes. We provide full documentation on how to install and change various settings. This documentation comes when you download the full version.


Does anything need to be installed on the SharePoint Server?


No. This solution is a simple web part that any person with edit rights can put on any SharePoint page.


How is the slider licensed?


The slider is licensed per site its deployed on.


Do you have an End User License Agreement?


Yes. You can read it here.




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