Tru SharePoint User Logon Report

The best tool to show when a SharePoint user last logged on.

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What is it?

Tru SharePoint Log on Report is a tool that allows SharePoint and site administrators to check when a SharePoint user last logged on to a site. A tablar report is generated with the user ID (Active Directory) ID or any other account type along with when the user was created and when he/she last logged to the site collection.


This is an essential tool for site administrators to help tell if users are using the site and perform audits on user activity. Another common use to control licensing and remove user licenses that are no longer in use.


This tool can also be used to see who's currently using the system for maintenance purposes. You can identify users that have logged on recently and can contact them to notify them of downtimes.

Answer Questions Like

Who's currently logged on to SharePoint?

What SharePoint users are inactive?

When did a specific user access SharePoint?

Audit security by verifying user access and log ons

What user's haven't logged on in x days?

What Active Directory groups are the users a member of?

EASY to Install

Access the report directly from the SharePoint site.

On-Premises SharePoint

Only works on on-premises SharePoint installations including 2010 and 2013.

Find out how many users are currently logged on to SharePoint.


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