Use Cases

Tru Permissions provides permission automation for individual documents and items in SharePoint lists and Libraries. Item level permissions can be asssigned to users or groups based on column values and dynamically changed as those values change. All you need to do is define the rules for those permissions.


Tru Permissions enables SharePoint Lists and Libraries to become highly versatile and flexible when working with teams and groups of users. This is done by increasing consolidation of content and the use of columns to better manage the content.


Tru Permissions is perfect tool if you


- Need flexibility in controlling permission on documents or list items.

- Have sensitive content and need each group or team to see only its content (multi-tenancy).

- Have various groups working in the same library such as customers, vendors, contractors, company divisions, project teams and need item security.

- Want to Easily control a permission of a document or item from a column value

- Need on library repository for multiple teams with the ability to roll up and filter easily.

- Need Ability to Audit item-level permissions easily.

- Need to hide sensitive information from users quickly without any technical knowledge of SharePoint.

- Want to automate sharing of documents or libraries.

- Need to conform to regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS, SOX, and HIPAA Compliance requirements and other industry and federal regulations.


Some use cases


- Project Management System - Easily isolate access to customer information from internal team content.

- Contract Development System - Working on proposals with different vendors

- Help Desk Application - secure content between customers submitting tickets

- HR Form submissions - Secure employee content from being seen by other employees.

- News Publishing Across Company Divisions

- Board Members - Secure certain content from only being seen by board members with a quick checkbox.

- Medical Patient Records Management - secure patient information based on patient information.

- Schools and Education - Secure content from students submitting content to teachers


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