Hello World Tutorial

Add some Rulesets

1. Go to a Document library you wish use Tru Permissions with.


2. Click on the Ribbon




3. Click on Tru Permissions Icon in the ribbon.


4. Complete a rule


5. Save the Rule by clicking on "Save Ruleset"


6. Click on 'Attach Ruleset to list'


7. Add a document and review the permissions.


Confirm that item permissions changed:


1. Click on the ...   next tot he document or item you just added.

2. Click on the ...  on the box that shows up

3. Click on Shared With


4. Click on ADVANCED


This will take you to a page that look like the view below. If item shows Unique permissions then that means the Tru Permissions correctly updated the permissions. You can further look at the permissions that it put in place to confirm that those the permissions that you expected. In the case below Testing Owners was assigned as an Always permission with Edit rights.

Note that the user that last modifies the item will always have contribute access to the item directly.

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