- What is Tru Permissions?

Tru Permissions is a SharePoint App that works with SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online (Office 365). You can install it from the SharePoint App store.


- Do I need Office 365 to use it?

You can use it with SharePoint Online but it also works with On premise SharePoint 2013 deployments as well. It will not work with SharePoint 2010.


- How do I set it up?

Go to the Getting Started for instructions on how to set it up.


- What if there is a rule I can't set?

If there is a rule you can't set let us know. There may be a way to set it. Or add it our your wish list. We are here to listen to your feedback.


- What is Tru Permissions doing behind the scenes?

When you make any change to any document or item in a library or list the permissions of the item the user is working on is broken and the permissions are applied according to the rules you specify.


- Does it only work with document libraries?

No. It works with other lists as well including custom lists.


- Is having too many unique permissions in my list bad?

Not necessarily. A list in SharePoint can support 5,000 items with unique permissions without issues. Going past that you may notice longer latency when viewing the complete list or library of 5,000 items. We have seen libraries that support more than 20,000 items at decent speed.


The good news that the library will still run and the speed issue will happen gradually so you have plenty of time to archive, plan and mediate if need be.







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