Enable your SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Office 365 sites with file copy and paste features within the browser and PDF conversion.

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Work Easily with Files

Before Tru Copy paste, copying and moving files between SharePoint document library and folders used to be difficult, making it harder to use files in the browser. Users had to use the Open in Explorer View option to move files around. Open in Explorer didn't always work, and was not supported on different operating systems. With Tru Copy / Paste, users can now copy and move files between folders right in the browser on any OS with browser.




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Copy, clone and move Files easily between document libraries and folders

Work with files like you do in a Windows, copy, cut and move files as you please.



Migrate Large Datasets without Timeouts or Hassles

This Tru Migrate allows you to: (note that Tru Migrate is a different tool from Tru Copy)

  1. Migrate large number of files
  2. Migrate without timeout issues
  3. Preserver version history as you migrate, regardless of destination.
  4. Preserver Modified By, Modified, Created By, and Created fields.
  5. Limits are not yet defined as this Tru Migrate is in Beta (estimated at 50 GB / 100,000 files).



Preserve Metadata and Columns Values of Documents After Copying

That includes copying between folders, site collection, and any file type.



Copies Files between site collections and Sites and Subsites.



Supported on Any Browser and Operating System

Works with iOS, Macintosh (MAC) Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, IE 9+



Folder and Document Template & Mail-merge

Create Folder Templates / Document Templates and Complete Boiler Templates Quickly using Forms


Add multiple files to your clipboard

You can add files from multiple locations to your clipboard, allowing you to collect your working files in one place quickly for processing.



Zip, Unzip Files & Folders

Easily zip and unzip .zip files directly in the browser.



Batch Edit Item/Document Properties

Allows users to select multiple items or documents then update their properties in batch.



Download as Zip

Download selected files as a single compressed zip file.



Access Files you are following Easily

Quickly access files you're following through your sites for processing (moving, converting, copying..)



PDF Document Converter

Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other file types to PDF directly in a SharePoint document library. Batch conversion also available. More details on this feature.



Move Files and Preserve Version History

Moving files between sites and libraries while preserving the version history of the files. (only when copying within the same site)



Works with OneDrive For Business (OD4B)

Copy and move files in your OneDrive for Business libraries and folders.


Overwrite existing files

When pasting you have the option of overwriting files in the destination folder.


How it works

1. Select files or folders in a library

2. Copy the files by Clicking on 'Copy' from the ribbon or context menu

3. Navigate to destination folder or library

4. Select Paste to paste the files

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