Tru SharePoint Slider, Carousel, Rotator Web Part

The cleanest, sharpest, most functional responsive news carousel slider for SharePoint.

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Compatible with SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019 and SharePoint Online Office 365

But first, Why Other SharePoint Sliders Suck?

It's a crisis! SharePoint does not have a good slider! Yes, there are plenty of results that show up when you look for SharePoint Sliders, but we've had enough. Some are written by individual devs and shared with the public. But honestly those are deficient in looks and features. One dev can only do so much especially with no ongoing financing to keep the dev motivated to develop, improve and perfect the slider. Some are written by other vendors but for some reason, the SharePoint devs were NEVER good UI people, not sure why. But that's been the case since the beginning of SharePoint.

You look at other websites and they look clean, with beautiful sliders that fit perfectly, align symmetrically and leave a nice impression. Enter SharePoint and at least I feel like we drifted a decade behind (at least in looks).

So allow me to introduce you to this slider. We've worked hard on this and with many takes and feedback from customers and rigorous iterations, I think we have something you should spend money on.

Enjoy your research.

Karim Roumani

Product Manager

Trusted By Prestigious Organizations

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Different Layout Options

With Left Side Tabs

Responsive SharePoint Carousel Rotator

SharePoint Slider Features

Eye Catching and Professional Carousel

Unlike many other sliders, this one actually looks great and rotates without a glitch. See our video.

Auto Image sizing and cropping

Users upload images of any size and dimension, Tru slider does the hard word by adjusting size and ratios to fit nicely into the slider and main window and slider thumbs.

Auto Expiring News

Set an expiration date for the news items and they will disappear on that day from the slider.

Auto News Scheduling

Se the publish date and the slider will display that item only on that date and time. This way you can schedule news ahead of time.

Eye Catching and Professional Carousel

Unlike many other sliders, this one actually looks great and rotates without a glitch. See our video.

Image upload is super easy

Using the out of the box image rich control, the user doesn't have to copy URLs or hop between screens. Upload images in the same form and review prior to publishing.

Rich thumbs

The slider thumbs will show up to 8 items by default, each with an image and thumb. The thumbs will include the image and title of the news below the item. It will show the thumbs in chronological order of publish date

Supports cross site lists

Your news/image list can be anywhere in your sharepoint farm whether in a different site or site collection and the slider will read that items. You place multiple rotators web parts on multiple sites.

Slide Jumping

To jump between slides, simply click on the thumbs below the slide rotator.

Uses Native SharePoint lists

PortalFront slider uses native SharePoint lists to store news. This allows you to manage listings using familiar SharePoint interface.

Link to article

The slider will show a "Read more" link under the summary that will take the user to the news article with full body text.

Link to Custom Link (ex document)

Have documents you want to link to or external links no problem

Summary field for more concise message

Add a sentence or two as a headline to show up in the slider underneath the title.

Multiple Sliders on The Same Page(NEW)

Add as many sliders on the page as you need.


How does the SharePoint slider work?

PortalFront SharePoint Slider is a client side javascript script that uses html, SharePoint client object model, css and SharePoint list to render content in a professional and attractive presentation.

Is it Supported in SharePoint Modern UI and Pages?

You cannot place it there directly. However you can put it in an iFrame that is designed for it and it will look great! You essentially create a blank page using say SharePoint Designer 2013 then load the slider there. Copy that page URL and make it available using an iFrame web part on the modern page. Contact us for more on this.

What is the difference between this slider and other SharePoint sliders?

This slider uses as a base the anythingSlider for SharePoint which is commonly found on the Internet. However, we saw a big gap between that slider and what our vision was, so we took it to the next level. We added thumbs, filters, enhanced look, automatic adjusting behavior, summary area of sliders, dedicated images for slides, auto-sizing features and various formats. We really hope you enjoy it.

What is the difference between the Free and Premium version?

The Premium version offers all the rich features such as thumbs, filtering, auto sizing, etc. The free version is just intended for demo and evaluation purposes.

Do you do customizations?

Yes, we are more than happy do fine tune and customize aspects of the slider. Contact us and let us know what you need.

Is there any documentation that comes with the download?

Yes. We provide full documentation on how to install and change various settings. This documentation comes when you download the full version.

Does anything need to be installed on the SharePoint Server?

No. This solution is a simple web part that any person with edit rights can put on any SharePoint page.

How is the slider licensed?

The slider is licensed per tenant for office 365 or per farm for SharePoint on-premises.

How customizable is the slider?

It is very customizeable. We say this because you get the full source code when you download it. That means you can change just about anything in it. However there are settings that you can customize that are quick and common that are much easier than changing code.

  • Height
  • Width
  • Layout style
  • Colors
  • Font
  • Size
  • Tab location
  • Duration for each slide
  • Which library to roll data from
  • Show pop up when an item is clicked or go the page directly

Download / Buy

Free Preview

  • No Thumbnail Images rolled up :(
  • No Slider Summary rolled up
  • No Link to article
  • Limited layout

Full Tru Slider

  • Full Image Thumbnail Rollups
  • Summary Rollups
  • Slides Link to Article
  • Full Layout
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