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What is 'Tru SharePoint Auditor'?

Tru SharePoint Permissions Auditor is a software tool that installs on your Windows desktop that facilitates audit and management of SharePoint permissions. It was designed from the ground up to address common security and permissions management question in SharePoint such as 'who has access to what', 'what does a specific user have access to', and 'what are some vulnerable areas with unique permissions in SharePoint that may have been forgotten'?


This tool is now available to SharePoint and security administrators, site owners and power users to truly get a grip on their SharePoint content and ensure data loss prevention and compliance. We encourage you to try it out and share your thoughts on how we can make it even better.

What's the SharePoint Permissions Challenge?

SharePoint is replacing content management systems and file systems making SharePoint one of the biggest enterprise content repositories. As content grows securing and managing permissions becomes drastically more challenging. Content in the wrong hands can be a huge risk for any organization. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint has become one of the top priority for enterprises.  Permissions management sits at the crux of the SharePoint DLP strategy.


SharePoint administrators must answer to questions of 'who has access to what and why?' in a constant effort to protect secure content.


Permissions Browser Tool

Quickly identify objects with unique permissions

Double click to quickly view the document or item.

See applied permissions on lists and items quickly.

Navigate inside lists and libraries for special permissions

Navigate quickly to the permissions page in the browser.

An elegant browser for SharePoint, showing objects and permissions for better management.

Quickly Find Membership of Groups

Click on an Active Directory Security Group or SharePoint group and discover its members quickly.

PowerShell Script

SharePoint 2010 / 2013 compatible

No Server installations required

Office 365, SharePoint Online, SharePoint on Premises compatible

Generate Custom Reports

Excel Driven reports

Specific User Permission Audit Report

The Specific User report is perfect when you want to audit what a user has access to in SharePoint. View a full report of the whole site collection or a specific list.

Unique Permission Report

Run a report on the whole site collection or a specific list that shows all objects including sites, lists and permissions with unique permissions and what security roles and permissions are assigned.

Excel Reports

Excel Reports allow you to view results quickly with the ability to filter and sort as you need. All objects and permissions are included along with URLs and object names...

Answer Questions Like...

  • What objects have unique permissions. (Unique permissions are aslso known as fine grained permissions, item-level permissions, and items with worken inheritance)

  • What sites, lists, folders or items does a specific user have access to?

  • What is the breakdown of the permissions on a given site?



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