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PDF Converter for SharePoint and Office 365

Tru Copy/Paste App provides an in-library feature that allows the user to convert files to PDF directly from the browser. This conversion happens on the server side. The app is supported on on premises SharePoint as well as Office 365 and SharePoint Online environments.


How it works

Once installed Tru Copy/Paste located in the ribbon of a document library. Users is able to select the files they wish to convert from using the checkboxes by the documents then converting the those files in bulk/batch using the app.


The conversion supports the following document types:

- Word to PDF

- Excel to PDF

- Text to PDF

- PowerPivot to PDF


Older formatted Office file types are also supported.



This feature is perfect for users that require frequent conversion of documents. However here are some limitations Tru Copy/Paste overcomes.


- Users are required to convert documents to PDF in bulk or batch to speed up conversion process of many documents.

- Users are required to work directly in a browser.

- Users are working from a think client.

- Users want a shortcut to converting the files without opening the files first then saving via the client application as PDF.

- Users are using Google Chromebook.

- Users are using an Apple iPad.

- No PDF conversion tools available on the client.


Word Automation Services Alternative

In SharePoint 2010 Word Automation Services was a service application that came with the on premise SharePoint. Word Automation Services is not available in Office 365. Developers are no longer able to use that feature to process document conversions to Adobe PDFs.


Furthermore, Word Automation Services is a platform service that is not available out of the box to SharePoint end users. Tru Apps provide turn key PDF conversion options for end users.


Publishing Use Cases

PDF has become a standard in publishing documents, while SharePoint has become a well adopted platform to store documents in the cloud.


Common PDF publishing use cases include publishing brochures, manuals, HR documents, policies and procedures, pamphlets, marketing literature and collateral, invoices, quotes, documentation, etc..


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