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How to use Tru as Folder/Document Template Manager & Mail Merge Feature

The Tru Template Feature is a component of Tru Copy and Paste SharePoint App.



The Business Challenge

Often times we use SharePoint to manage projects, proposals, legal cases, contracts, communications, etc.. We create a library called "Projects" or "Proposals" then we create folders for each project.


There is sometimes a tedious workflow that looks like this:


1. Create a New Project Folder, or Client Folder, etc..

2. Copy Files into the project (there may be many files, needed such as Proposals, RFPs,, Agreements, etc.).

3. Go into each File, letter, project plan and update the client name, address, contact, phone number, etc.. to reflect the new client.


The Template Feature / Mail Merge Feature

  1. First Define the Templates you need for your workflow and identify any mail merge files that need to be inserted into your Word documents.


After that your workflow becomes as easy as

  1. Clicking Paste
  2. Selecting the Template
  3. Identifying the new name of the template
  4. Completing the form for the merge
  5. Tru Copy will automatically update all your documents with the form data you input.


Let's Break down the steps:


Creating The SharePoint Document/Folder Template

You can create a folder template or a file template.


If you have a folder template representing say a project, or a client, with supporting documents under that folder then a folder is suitable.


To create a file or folder template all you need to do is:


  1. Create a Folder or File with the word "Template" in it. That is it. After that the template will show up in the template tab in Tru Copy Paste Screen when you try to paste.
    Note that it may take some time to for it to show since it this depends on the search feature which indexes very x minutes.

    Also note that the template can be in a completely different library. So it doesn't need to be in the same library that you're trying to paste into.

  2. If you want to create document merge fields continue reading this step. Otherwise that is optional.
    1. First Create the Fields you Need in the SharePoint Document library
    2. Then Open the Template you want to create
    3. Insert The fields in the document. Those fields are the same as the ones that you created in SharePoint. You can find them under Quick Parts -> Document Property -> [Field]  (see screenshot)
    4. Save the Template document in SharePoint. If the document will live inside a "Template" Folder no need to keep the word template in the template document.


Pasting Folder / Document Templates with Merge Fields

Now this is the super easy part for the end user.


  1. Go to The Ribbon, select Tru Paste.
  2. Click on the Template Tab
  3. You will see the Template
  4. Select the Template folder or document
  5. Check Paste New Name to give the copy of this template a new name after it is copied.
  6. Check New Column Values.
    This will present the fields available for you to complete as a form. Contact info, etc.. the fields that you created earlier in the part of the document library.
  7. Click Paste


At this point, Tru Copy will copy the template, rename it and populate all its documents with the form data you set in the "New Column Values" option. All the data will be merged into the documents, agreements, proposals, etc..


You're done.


Of course you may now go into each document to change any boilerplate content you have. But the bulk of the work is done.


If you have any comments on questions that are not clear, please leave us a comment below. We hope you find this feature valuable.





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