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SharePoint is a great place to store and work with files. OneDrive for Business is also becoming a popular tool to work with files. There are many common use cases arising where a person may work with some files on their One Drive for Business (OD4B), and then at a later point decide to publish them or copy them to SharePoint.




The challenge is there is no easy way to do this. You do have the option of using Explorer View to copy the files. But that has some limitations. You cannot do it within the browser itself.


Tru Copy Solution


Tru Copy Can be used with OneDrive for Business and installed there so that users can copy files back and forth between SharePoint Online and OneDrive.


Steps to Copy/Move Files from OneDrive to SharePoint.


  1. Install Tru Copy & Paste from the SharePoint Store to your SharePoint Site where you want to copy to or from.
  2. Install Tru Copy & Paste in OneDrive for Business (See exact steps below)
  3. Once installed, select the files you want to copy from OneDrive for business then click on Tru Copy in the Ribbon
  4. Click on "Copy to Clipboard"
  5. Navigate to your SharePoint site where you want to paste those files
  6. In the Ribbon, select Tru Paste
  7. Click Paste to paste the files.


Installing Tru Copy in OneDrive for Business (OD4B)


  1. Navigate to your One Drive for Business Site
  2. On the bottom left of the screen, click "Return to Classic OneDrive"
  3. In the top right of the browser, click the gear icon then select "Show Ribbon"
  4. Click again on the Gear Icon and click "Add an app"
  5. Add the Tru Copy app and install it. You may need to click on the "SharePoint Store" on the left first then search fro "Tru"
  6. Once installed, go back to your One Drive for Business site
  7. Put a check mark next to the documents you want to copy
  8. Click on Files Tab on the Ribbon, then "Tru Copy"
  9. In the Ribbon, select Tru Paste
  10. Click Paste to paste the files.


This should then allow you paste and move files to SharePoint from One Drive.


Please leave any comments if you have any issues, etc.

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